Wig Installation & Styling Services



We understand some people have events during the week and would like our services. Not to worry, an arrangement can be made. Please contact us in advance.


Monday to Friday unavailable during business hours.
Bookings are open from 6:30 PM during the week.

Saturday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday OFF

Frontal installation Without Cornrows $100

Frontal Installation + Medium Cornrows $155

Addition COST applies for styling. Price will be based on the style and the length of your wig.


Installation with client’s own hair.

Your frontal needs to be pre- plucked and bleached.

If the hair is not plucked and bleached and you would like us to do it for you, you’ll need to post your wig one week prior to your appointment time and date.

Bleaching and Plucking fee $70

Disclaimer: Hair quality can affect the end result of the application as frontals are designed differently.

Clients who purchased hair from Carolee Hair and Beauty,

Hair will be bleached and plucked .

Hair will be styled according to your preference.

The frontal will be customised to fit the shape of your head

Due to quality of our hair, you will leave our studio with a seamless end result

For urgent inquiries;

Make your booking at least a week in advance.

$20 deposit is required to secure your booking

Urgent Fee $30 Extra.

Balance is to be paid in cash on the day

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